MIT study: Earth can regulate, stabilize its own temperature

MIT study: Earth can regulate, stabilize its own temperature

A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has found that the Earth is capable of regulating and stabilizing its temperature across vast timescales and even after dramatic changes in climate.

The Nov. 16 study published in Science Advances elaborated on the planet’s “stabilizing feedback system,” which has allowed the existence of diverse life-forms for the past 3.7 billion years or so. While this feedback has been assumed before, the study now serves as primary evidence for the existence of this system.

“You have a planet whose climate was subjected to so many dramatic external changes,” said MIT climate scientist and study co-author Constantin Arnscheidt. “Why did life survive all this time? One argument is that we need some sort of stabilizing mechanism to keep temperatures suitable for life. But it’s never been demonstrated from data that such a mechanism has consistently controlled Earth’s climate.”

To prove this argument, Arnscheidt and his co-author Daniel Rothman investigated existing paleoclimate data collected over the last 66 million years. They applied mathematical modeling to determine whether swings in Earth’s average temperatures might be limited by one or more factors.

The MIT researchers believe that silicate weathering is a critical mechanism in how the Earth regulates its temperature. As silicate rocks endure and corrode over time, deeper layers of mineral are constantly exposed to the atmosphere. Chemical reactions with the silicates extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and trap it in rock and ocean sediment.

Source: MIT study: Earth can regulate, stabilize its own temperature

Carbon dioxide isn’t a “pollutant” causing global warming, it’s the elixir of life itself


The next time someone tells you that we all must reduce our “carbon footprint” to save the planet from “climate change,” be sure to remind that person that carbon dioxide (CO2) is the elixir of life.

Without CO2, all plant life would die – which means all humans and animals would die. CO2 is plant food, after all, facilitating photosynthesis and the life cycle itself.

Removing CO2 from the planet like the climate cultists demand would render the entire world barren of life. It would quickly become a wasteland marked with death and destruction and certainly not be a paradise.

For the past several years, the corporate-controlled media, leftist politicians, and Church of Global Warming members have been telling us that CO2 is a “pollutant.” But, unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. (Related: CO2 has absolutely nothing to do with global temperatures.)

“CO2 emissions from industrial processes of the last two centuries have been highly beneficial to plant growth,” writes Vijay Jayaraj.

“Scientific studies show that CO2 has played a significant role in the re-greening of the earth after abnormally low CO2 levels had limited much of the planet’s vegetation due to CO2 starvation.”

The massive increase in food production over the past century, which allows for the feeding of eight billion people worldwide, would also not have been possible without CO2 – not to mention slightly warmer temperatures in some areas that are more suited for agriculture.

Source: Carbon dioxide isn’t a “pollutant” causing global warming; it’s the elixir of life itself